1.1      In these regulations the following terms are defined as indicated below:
           Complaint: any expression of discontent made verbally or in writing concerning the services by Yuen Law Firm
           Complainant: the client or his representative who submits the complaint
           Complaint officer: the person within Yuen Law Firm who handles the complaint
           Employee: anybody who works for Yuen Law Firm
1.2      Anybody has the right to submit a complaint about the way of handling a case by Yuen Law Firm.
1.3      Yuen Law Firm ensures that complaints made verbally or in writing, are dealt with properly.


Submitting a complaint

2.1      A complaint must be submitted in writing addressed to Yuen Law Firm and addressed to the  complaint officer Patty Yuen.
           The e-mailadres of Patty Yuen is:
           The complaint must be submitted within three months of the date on which the complainant became aware, or should reasonably have become aware
           of the conduct that is the reason for the complaint. All orally made complaints must be confirmed by the complaint.
2.2     The complaint must at least contain:
            a. The name and address of the complainant;
            b. The date of submitting the complaint;
            c. A description of the conduct which is the reason for the complaint;
            d. The signature of the complainant.
2.3     The complaints officer confirms receipt of the complaint within seven working days and informthe complaint about the complaint procedure.

Dealing with a complaint

3.1      The complaint officer will resolve the complaint within four (4) weeks of the date on which the confirmation was sent.
           The complaints officer has the right to extend this term for another four (4) weeks.
3.2      If the complaint is not resolved to the complainant’s satisfaction, the complainant is entitled to refer the case to the Dispute Committee
           for the Legal Profession (“Geschillencommissie Advocatuur”) in The Hague ( ). The complaint must be
           submitted to the Dispute Committee within 12 months of the date on which the complainant is notified in writing of the decision of the
           complaint officer. Appeal is not possible against the decision of the Dispute Committee.